Privacy Policy 

This privacy policy provides an overview of how Videoplaza manages and processes user data collected (i) from this website and any sub-sites hereof (the "Website") and (ii) through the software platforms Karbon and Konnect (please see the separate sections below). By using the Website, Karbon and/or Konnect, as applicable, you consent to the processing of data according to this privacy policy, as updated and amended from time to time.


Submitted data 

In order to take advantage of or access some of our services, e.g. subscribing to our mailing list or signing in to our Karbon or Konnect user interface, the  Videoplaza Support forum or the Videoplaza Developer Portal, it will be necessary for you to provide personal data (such as your name, e-mail address, or your user name and password). Videoplaza, or a third party engaged by Videoplaza, will process the personal data in order to administer and provide such services. 

When we are contacted via email (such as to apply for a job and for clients to request support) we answer by sending an email response to the sender.  We also store the email we receive, including any personal data included therein, for archival purposes and for our own marketing purposes if we feel that it is consistent with the nature of the inquiry. We will not use return email addresses for any other purpose unless you give us permission to do so.

Our Website may contain links to other websites, such as those of our clients and partners. Videoplaza is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer by the Website. The Website uses session cookies is used to collect IP addresses, information about your web browser, date and URL. During the time you visit the Website, this cookie is saved temporarily in the memory of your computer and is erased when you close your web browser.

Videoplaza, or a third party engaged by Videoplaza, will process the information collected by cookies to provide functionalities of the Website and to administer, maintain and improve the Website. If you do not want cookies to be saved on your computer, you can prevent this by changing the settings in your web browser. If you choose not to accept cookies, the Website can still be used but with reduced functionality.

Please also see the sections “Opt Out” and "General" below.



Videoplaza operates the hosted software platforms Karbon ("Karbon") and Konnect ("Konnect"), used by online publishers, broadcasters and ad networks ("Clients") to manage and monetize online video advertising (the “Services”). In doing so, Videoplaza provides the technical capability to target advertising to audience segments, based on information collected by the Services or integrated from third party software platforms. Videoplaza may use information collected by the Services only as provided in its agreement with its Clients.

Data collected by Videoplaza

Videoplaza uses a combination of techniques, which may include cookies or a persistent session id (“pid”), to store data about Clients' end users as needed to provide the Services.

Videoplaza’s agreements with its Clients prohibit the passing of information to Videoplaza that alone, or in combination with other data provided by the Client, would identify any individual person.  

Anonymous information

The Services collect anonymous and non-personally identifiable information including, but not limited to, frequency of ads delivered, browser version, operating system and device type.

IP addresses

The Services may collect IP addresses of Clients' end users each time an ad is requested by the Clients' systems to be delivered to the website where the end user is viewing online video content. We use IP addresses for the delivery and selection of ads.

Third party data

Clients may integrate external data sources with Karbon to enable targeting based on third party data collected outside of Videoplaza's control. The transmitting third party partner normally encrypts all such party data before it is transferred to Karbon. All third party data referred to herein is processed by Videoplaza on behalf of the Client or the Client's partners only in accordance with their instructions.

The ads delivered as a result of Konnect may be served by third parties that may use their own cookies and/or other data collection tools. In addition, the ads themselves may also contain links to other websites with their own cookies and/or other data collection tools. Finally, the Services may employ Neilsen, a global information and measurement company. Neilsen’s privacy policy can be found here: Videplaza does not control the privacy policies of any third party.

Please also see the section "Opt Out" below. 


You can at any time opt-out from cookie based Videoplaza tracking and ad targeting. In order to do so, either configure your browser to not accept cookies from Videoplaza servers, disable 3rd party cookies altogether (see below), or click here to set a Videoplaza opt-out cookie.

Many of the third parties which may be involved in the provision of the Services and which may use their own cookies and/or other data collection tools are a member of the of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and/or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The NAI and the DAA are cooperatives of companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards for of online marketing and analytics. The NAI provides a mechanism to opt out of its member networks here: Similarly the DAA provides a mechanism to opt out from participating companies here:

Alternatively, please use the following links below to disable cookies on your particular browser:

  • Manage Chrome Cookies
  • Manage Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Manage Safari Cookies
  • Manage FireFox Cookies

Please note that if your change your computer, change your web browser, or delete your cookies, you will need to renew all of your opt-out choices.


Transfer to third parties

Videoplaza may transfer personal data collected pursuant to this privacy policy (as detailed above) to persons or companies that process such data on Videoplaza's behalf, in relation to the operation of the Website or our business.

Data retention

The period during which personal data (as detailed above) is stored depends inter alia on the type of personal data collected, but is never longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this privacy policy.

Quality and security

We undertake to take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data we collect from you are accurate, complete and up to date; however you are responsible for the quality of the data that you provide to us. While Videoplaza cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur, Videoplaza has implemented technological and organizational measures to protect the privacy of the personal data.

Contact details

The personal data controller is Videoplaza AB,

You may, at any time, request that your data is corrected or erased; write to Attention: Privacy, Videoplaza, Sankt Eriksgatan 46, Stockholm, 112 34, Sweden. Once annually, you may also apply to obtain, free of charge, information regarding the personal data relating to you which is processed by Videoplaza.