A historic day for Videoplaza

Sorosh Tavakoli 2 Videoplaza 2012.jpg

Videoplaza was founded 7 years ago to the day in Stockholm by Dante, Alfred and myself, with the mission of helping broadcasters and publishers build a profitable and sustainable business in the internet-delivered TV world. We felt there was a huge gap between how consumers (including ourselves) wanted to consume TV and what was available online in a straightforward, legal way.

Now, seven years on, more than 100 clients across 35 markets run their video advertising business on our platform and just 2 weeks ago we launched our programmatic trading platform Konnect.

Today I’m excited to announce that we are joining forces with Ooyala, as they acquire Videoplaza, to achieve this mission in a much more meaningful way.

This past August, as part of their acquisition by Telstra, Ooyala announced a major, multi-year business strategy to build the world’s premier platform for personalised cloud TV and digital video. We are now joining Ooyala as a next step in the execution of this strategy.

So what does this mean for us and our clients?

Business as usual...

On a practical level both Karbon and Konnect will continue to operate as usual with the same roadmaps that we’ve already communicated to many of you. Our focus as a business remains the same, helping broadcasters and video publishers maximise the value of their audience, and together with Ooyala we maintain this clear focus. We, the management team, remain super excited about the opportunity and will continue to guide the business in the years to come.

...but a lot better...

There’s no lack of ambition as we embark on this new strategy. With the backing of Telstra, the joint companies are investing what we believe it will take to build a global market leader, and we’re all very much up for the ride! We are heavily investing in R&D in Stockholm, and across the wider business. To get a feeling, we currently have over 20 open positions across our various geographies. What this means for our clients is more innovation, at a faster pace, to differentiate and grow their business.

...with the best yet to come

And we haven’t even touched on our joint plans yet. While Ooyala helps media companies build the largest possible audiences online, Videoplaza helps them extract as much value as possible from that audience. In time, our combined platforms will offer a more holistic view of a publisher’s digital video business, including granular data on not only what, how and where people are watching, but also where and how they can make the most money.  Stay tuned on this front.

I’m confident this is great news for all Videoplaza clients as our ability to empower and service them has taken a quantum leap forward, today and in the years to come. I know I speak for the entire Videoplaza team when I say we are hugely excited to be entering this new phase for the business and to accelerate on our mission in helping video publishers build a profitable and sustainable business in the IP-delivered TV world.

After all, the world is watching!


Read the press release in full here.